Wooden tiles-Beijing Winter Olympic Games venues draped in silver

Wooden tile, a traditional Chinese architecture, is a wonder, its smooth texture, no matter after how many years, under the engraving of the years, engraved with a bit of the vicissitudes given by the years. This vicissitudes is exactly where the Chinese culture lies, and the Chinese people are just like the wooden tiles in these long years, quietly staying in the years, quietly waiting for their own opportunities. That’s why the Beijing Winter Olympics chose wooden shingles as the building material, with wooden houses speckled against the verdant mountains in the distance. When you walk in and touch the rough wooden shingles, you will feel its beauty and feel that through time and space, it is having a conversation with you and you are having a dialogue with it in your mind.

Wooden tiles, atmospheric in appearance, quiet and natural, are the beloved of Chinese people. From ancient times to the present, countless buildings in China have been blown down by the wind and wet by the rain in the long years. But only the houses built by wooden tiles have stopped in the years, and it attracts people’s vision with its unique charm. Every Chinese person who walks up to it always can’t help but touch its texture. And it is this that the Beijing Olympics used to create a world of ice and snow with traditional wooden tiles.

The snow, falling in droves, hit the wooden houses, drifting and sounding subtle, as if singing a quiet song, swaying. Sitting in the arena, looking out the window to the world of snow and ice. The sun shines through the dust, scattered in the world behind the snow, athletes are running high in the snow track, transmitting the enthusiasm and beauty of the Winter Olympics. The sun has risen high, a snow enveloped the mountain, the Winter Olympics venues draped in silver, for all the living creatures around lit up with life.

Post time: Sep-27-2022