Clear Red Cedar Sauna

  • Panoramic Sauna

    Panoramic Sauna

    Our amazing round bronzed window in the Panoramic models of our barrel saunas offer so many advantages to traditional garden saunas.
  • Outdoor Raindrop Sauna

    Outdoor Raindrop Sauna

    It can be moved freely to any position (far infrared sauna room), without considering the size of space and placement position
  • Outdoor Barrel Sauna Room

    Outdoor Barrel Sauna Room

    For an ideal sauna experience, the wood needs to be able to expand and contract with the high temperatures.

    Excessive use of nails and other fasteners can result in split wood. The ball-and-socket assembly of a barrel sauna lets the wood expand and contract within the steel bands, creating a tight seal that won’tshatter.
  • Outdoor barrel Sauna (No porch)

    Outdoor barrel Sauna (No porch)

    Sauna places the human body in hot and humid air, which accelerates the blood circulation and metabolism, and improves the functions of tissues and organs of the whole body, including brain, heart, liver, spleen, muscle and skin.
  • 6 Person Sauna Room

    6 Person Sauna Room

    Far infrared sauna room uses low-temperature sweating technology, promotes blood circulation and metabolism