Multifunctional building materials – shingles

There are many different building materials and their functions are different. Among the many building materials, each material has its own advantages, but it is very rare to find a material like shingles that has the advantages of a combination of building materials.

Wood shingles, as the name implies, must be an environmentally friendly material. As a natural and non-polluting green material, shingles do not produce any pollution to the environment in the decoration and construction. Compared with other building materials, it can completely exclude the concern of formaldehyde and other harmful substances and provide people with the guarantee of quality life.

Such a natural and environmentally friendly material is usually used only for roofing at the beginning, but shingles can be used in many more areas. Wood shingles are stable and resistant to deformation, heat and corrosion, and their natural beauty makes them perfectly suitable for landscape and garden architecture, environmental design, and medium and high-end decoration.

In addition to environmental protection and decorative properties, the strongest feature of wood shingles is the minimal installation link. Unlike most building materials, shingles do not require much manpower and material resources, and only a simple process is needed to complete the installation process. The shingles are installed using sandalwood strips or mounting nails, with each layer of the coil overlapping and the upper and lower shingles synchronized flush. Such installation structure not only increases its stability, but also increases the original water resistance, forming the best effect of the double-layer approach.

With natural environmental protection, durable, beautiful and easy to operate, the title of “multi-functional building materials” is true to its name. In China’s large building materials industry, shingles will gradually reveal more of their advantages.

Post time: Sep-27-2022