Hanbo™ Won The 2019 Year International Sloping Roof Engineering Award!

IFD roof award was initially established in 2013, known as the “Olympic” award of global roof industry. Before that, the IFD conference and the world youth roofing Championship were held once a year, usually in different countries all over the world in autumn. Since 2013, the IFD has made changes, holding IFD conference and international roofing awards in odd years, and IFD conference and the world youth roofing championship in even years.


The Engineering Award in 2019 is the Fourth International roofing award. In this IFD international roof award competition, 86 roof construction projects from more than 10 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, China, Europe, America and Asia, participated in the competition for four major awards: flat roof, sloping roof, metal roof and external wall maintenance. After careful evaluation by IFD experts, the sloping roof project award was won by the “Hubei Jingmen pengdun winery” project submitted by Beijing Hanbo Technology Development Co., Ltd. , China. This is also the first time that China has won the IFD International roofing project award.


(Hubei Jingmen pengdun winery)


Hanbo™ focuses on building energy conservation and environmental protection. In 17 years, he has been engaged in research and development, innovation in concept, unique design and fine construction management, and has obtained many patent certificates during the period. The company has developed into sales, R & D and design Diversified service providers supplier. Production process each process can embody the concept of harmony between man and nature, make the building stand on nature, save energy and protect environment, make nature infiltrate into life, and improve the healthy, comfortable and safe living, working and living space of human beings.



Post time: Jun-21-2021