A masterpiece of history – Wooden tiles

Beijing Hanbang Foundation launched the wood tile with its strong historical flavor on the stage of the decoration world. In the ancient country with 5,000 years of history and culture, architectural culture has also been in existence since ancient times. “Architecture is thoughtful, it is solidified, solidified with people’s thoughts and wisdom” Wooden shingles are perhaps the building material of human wisdom throughout the ancient and modern times.

In today’s roaring industrial cities, it is not steel and masonry that are the strongest building materials. Wooden tiles, after thousands of years of history, each grain is loaded with stories, it tells us with thousands of years of stories, it is also said to be strong and incomparable. No matter in the hot and sunny weather or in the gloomy and humid environment, wood tile can keep its own qualities with its moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, and its extremely high adaptability to the environment, so wood tile is an extremely ideal building material in the field of garden architecture, landscape art, environmental design, etc.

As a historical building material, shingles are unique in their decorative and aesthetic qualities. With its own low-carbon and environmentally friendly, natural and born, low-key light and solemn characteristics, wood shingles make the lines of the building outline considerable, the appearance of the atmosphere. The walls of wood shingles bring a sense of tranquility. Decorated with unpolluted building materials, the building seems to exude a natural atmosphere, bringing the quietness of shuttling between nature and the city.

As a building material, the greater advantage of shingles is their easy installation. The shingles only need to be fixed with sandalwood strips or with mounting nails, and the installation can be completed after repeated and simple operations. This is the advantage of wood tile accumulated history, it has the wisdom of several generations, with its most simple and natural exquisite to present to the world.

Chinese architectural culture has deep roots, and we hope that shingles will carry the architectural culture and the wisdom of people, and will be mentioned again in the midst of the wide variety of building materials.

Post time: Sep-27-2022