2019 Year Participating In The Construction Of Winter Olympic Venues

Beijing Winter Olympic village is one of the venues for the 2022 year Winter Olympic Games, with a total construction area of about 333000 square meters. This project is a national key project in China. Hanbo™ is honored to become a supplier and construction unit of shingles.

According to the requirements of the national three-star standard of the highest level green building, the design of China Yanqing Winter Olympic village is carried out in strict accordance with the national standards, using eco-friendly cedar shingles. In this regard, the cedar shingles building of China Yanqing Winter Olympic village has become the highlight of the Winter Olympic venue.


In response to the guiding ideology of low-carbon environmental protection, Yanqing Winter Olympic Games adopts the bottom floor building, high-density “mountain village” form of wooden tile building. The semi open wooden tile building is built according to the mountain, and uses the wooden tile building to show the cultural characteristics of Beijing siheyuan, which neither breaks the mountain type nor captures the mountain scenery. The solemn and steady wooden tile buildings are scattered among the mountains and forests in the form of groups. The large-scale wooden tile buildings with a total building area of 118000 square meters are scattered in various positions and connected by seven internal channels. The cedar shingles building group formed by several wooden tile buildings highlights the natural scenery of china Yanqing Winter Olympic village. By making use of the close to nature characteristics of wooden tile buildings, the roof of cedar shingles buildings forms the appearance of the village by using the wooden tile building structure, which coincides with xiaohaituoshan perfectly.


Humanity and nature live together. What we watch at the Beijing Olympic Winter Games is not only the wonderful and fierce competition, but also the thought of “following nature” since ancient times in China, and the important idea of “respecting nature” advocated nowadays. The wooden houses built in the foothills are the traditional Chinese culture“ The biggest wooden tile roof in China supports the village civilization of humanity and nature. In the natural and cultural activities, between the mountain forest and the wooden house, the Winter Olympic Games let the participants, overseas people and volunteers of the Winter Olympic venue feel the fantastic experience of humanity and nature.

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Post time: Jun-21-2021